Businesses require specific storage solutions:


Document archiving

Valuable space being used for records?

Not only does this take up costly space but causes clutter, health and safety issues and creates an unprofessional image. Why pay a records retention company when you can simply use self storage as an extension to your own records system.


Need more office space?

Store those goods such as excess furniture, seasonal items, stationery supplies, exhibition material etc and enable expansion.

Need to store file copies off site? 

InverStore can provide the ideal solution by offering you many differant sizes of storage allowing you to grow or shrink your backup documents as and when you need them during office hours.

Small businesses

Self storage is an ideal solution for businesses that do not require dedicated storage premises of their own i.e. franchises, electricians, computer repair firms, distribution agents, etc. It can also provide a means to buy and store goods in bulk to achieve discounts.

 Ask us about pre-payment discounts and long term storage.

We will aceept deliveries on your behalf.



There are many more potential uses......... why not review your business!



What do we offer?

Steel storage rooms in a variety of sizes from 25 sq ft to 200 sq feet or wooden sorage crates depending on you space and cost requirements.


Your own room you can build your own storage racking etc or InverStore will arrange this for you.


Your own key you provide a padlock and only you have a key.  

Rental is very flexible from a minimum of 2 weeks.


Unlimited access enables you to access when required during extensive opening hours.


Insurance we insure your goods up to £10,000. If you need more we can arrange that for you. 

Controlled access only customers and their key holders have access to the facility.


Security 24/7 monitored CCTV, fire and burglar alarms, infrared detection and regular external security patrols.


Our facility is clean and heat controlled.


We have a wide range of packing and storage products available.


Our friendly team will help you solve your storage problems.



InverStore can provide the perfect solution