• If you are likely to want access to some items store these near the door where they can be easily reached. Alternatively leave a small access aisle.

Wherever practical, large items should be disassembled e.g. remove legs from dining tables and beds.

 “This is the first time I have had to use a storage company and would have no hesitation in using Inverstore again”

G. Crack, Cartsdyke

  • Take a little time to plan how you wish to store your goods…it is well worth it in the longer term and will maximise the use of space within your room.

  • Remember that you don’t need to move everything at once! You may want to take a smaller room to start de-cluttering the house of things you don’t need now. It will make moving a lot less stressful when you come to do the major move and identify things you don’t need early.

  • Garden equipment should be cleaned and dry – wipe metal surfaces with WD40 or similar, and drain petrol and diesel from machinery, before storing.

Store bulky or heavy items first, stand sofas and mattresses on end, leaving an air gap between items, and do not stack or lean anything against walls.

  • Individually wrap crockery, glasses and fragile items in packing paper or bubble wrap before storing. Wrap pictures and mirrors individually in bubble wrap, mark them as fragile and stack on end.

 “We have used this facility over the past 7 years and have found the service provided to be reasonable, secure, clean and very accessible. The staff are very friendly, professional and helpful”

P. Neeson, Gourock

 “Everything was well explained, lovely, friendly and helpful staff. Ease of access with bright, light and clean areas. Plenty of trolleys and a lift, a very pleasurable experience from start to finish. The best facility I have ever used”

N. Clifton, Isle of Bute

 “I am so pleased I found Inverstore as the whole experience of moving was made so much easier, knowing that my furniture was looked after by a very efficient and helpful staff in a clean secure unit. I certainly recommend this firm”

S. Simpson, Paisley

  • Label or number boxes – keeping an inventory of your items for easy reference.

  • Before you start moving, plan how you will move items into your room. If you will be delivering in multiple runs, remember large or heavy items should be placed on the floor…..so deliver these first.

  • If you cannot remove legs from tables, wrap the top in blankets and store top down with legs pointing up. If you do not have stacking chairs store them “seat to seat”.

  • Hang clothes in wardrobe boxes to help them keep their shape.

  • Thoroughly drain freezers, refrigerators and washing machines before storing. Failure to do so can lead to condensation in your unit. Clean the inside surfaces of the refrigerator with a bicarbonate of soda and water solution. Make sure you store these items with the door wedged open.

Once moved into room, use the inside of wardrobes and drawers for storing smaller or fragile items.

“Inverstore facilities and staff provide a first class service”


W. Post, Gourock



 Businesses require specific storage solutions:


Document archiving

Valuable space being used for records?

Not only does this take up costly space but causes clutter, health and safety issues and creates an unprofessional image. Why pay a records retention company when you can simply use self storage as an extension to your own records system.


Need more office space?

Store those goods such as excess furniture, seasonal items, stationery supplies, exhibition material etc and enable expansion.

Need to store file copies off site? 

InverStore can provide the ideal solution by offering you many differant sizes of storage allowing you to grow or shrink your backup documents as and when you need them during office hours.

Small businesses

Self storage is an ideal solution for businesses that do not require dedicated storage premises of their own i.e. franchises, electricians, computer repair firms, distribution agents, etc. It can also provide a means to buy and store goods in bulk to achieve discounts.

 Worried about the cost?

 Ask us about pre-payment discounts and long term storage.



There are many more potential uses......... why not review your business!



What do we offer?

Steel storage rooms in a variety of sizes from 25 sq ft to 200 sq feet or wooden sorage crates depending on you space and cost requirements.


Your own room you can build your own storage racking etc or InverStore will arrange this for you.


Your own key you provide a padlock and only you have a key. You can assign this to a staff member or a courier.


Rental is very flexible from a minimum of 2 weeks.


Unlimited access enables you to access when required during extensive opening hours.


Insurance we insure your goods up to £3000. If you need more we can arrange that for you. 

Controlled access only customers and their representatives have access to the facility which includes I.D. checks.


Security 24/7 monitored CCTV, fire and burglar alarms, infrared detection and regular external security patrols.


Our facility is clean and heat controlled.


We have a wide range of packing and storage products available.


Our friendly team will help you solve your storage problems.



InverStore can provide the perfect solution



  • 50% off the first month.
  • One month minimum term


 Telephone now for a crate

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2 months half price

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What People Say About Us
“Excellent service throughout – No faults at all” C. Phillips, Largs
 “Made a somewhat traumatic experience of moving home more bearable” M. Curry, Largs  
 “Everything was well explained, lovely, friendly and helpful staff. Ease of access with bright, light and clean areas. Plenty of trolleys and a lift, a very pleasurable experience from start to finish. The best facility I have ever used” N. Clifton, Isle of Bute
“Storage facilities were excellent – could not have found better” R. Jamieson, Wemyss Bay
“I have used Inverstore on several occasions, mainly due to renovation work. Having used a selection of different sized containers I would highly recommend the storage and friendly, accommodating staff” I.Freer, Greenock      
“I would definitely recommend Inverstore to anyone looking for good service” M. Black, Greenock